Can I combine two organizations into one?

Absolutely! With the ability to copy both forms and entries, you can easily combine multiple organizations into one. Simply copy the forms and entries from the organization you no longer want into the one you want to keep.

To copy your forms and entries into another organization:

  1. In your Cognito Forms account, open your organization’s Dashboard.

  2. Select the form title, and then select the Copy option.

  3. Edit the title, and select the organization and/or folder where you want to copy the form. If your form is not encrypted, optionally include the associated entry data.
    How to combine two organizations into one.

  4. Hit the Copy button to automatically copy the form.

  5. When you’re finished copying over all of your forms, click your organization’s name in the top left corner and then click Settings to access the settings of the organization you wish to delete.

  6. Click Delete Organization in the left-hand navigation or scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Confirm your decision to delete the organization by typing DELETE in the dialog prompt.

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