Copying forms

You can duplicate forms and their associated entries both within an organization and from one organization to another. Forms that have been archived (but not deleted) can be copied as well.

Please note that when you copy entries from payment forms, the associated payment information (including the payment summary and transaction summary) is not copied over. Additionally, when you copy an entry, the entry audit log will record the date/time the entry was copied along with your username and email address.

Copying a form

Quick Tip

Keep in mind that copied entries count toward your organization’s entry limits.

To copy a form:

  1. Open the Dashboard of the organization containing the form you want to copy.

  2. Hover over the form title and then select the Copy option.
    Find the form that you want to copy and select the Copy option.

  3. In the dialog that appears, you can edit the Copy settings:

    • Title: Edit the title of the copied form.
    • Organization: If you’re a member of multiple organizations, you can select the organization that you want to copy the form into.
    • Folder: If your organization has form folders, you can select the folder destination.
    • Entries: Optionally include all of the form’s associated entry data.
    • Copy Connected Forms: Optionally copy the forms that provide data to Lookup fields. (This only applies when forms include Lookup fields.)
  4. Finally, select the Copy button. Your copied form is automatically saved and will open in the builder. Be sure to review your form and make any necessary changes before publishing!

Copying connected lookup forms

If your form includes data lookups, you can optionally copy the connected forms and entries. Please note that if you choose to not copy any connected forms, the Lookup fields on the copied form will still be connected to the original connected forms. In this case, you may need to update those Lookup fields in the builder. Additionally, if your Lookup field has quantity limits enabled, those quantity limits will be turned off when you copy the form.

Use the Copy Form dialog to configure your copied form.

Form settings

Quick Tip

Be sure to review the form settings, payment settings and submission settings of your copied form before submitting new entries.

Settings Copy Within Organization Copy Between Organizations
Encrypt Entry Data Yes Yes
Use with Lookup Field Yes Yes
Limit Form Availability Yes Yes
Share as Template Yes No
Allow Workflow Link Sharing Yes Yes
Workflow Link Sharing Email Yes Yes*
Url of Embedded Form Yes No
Developer Mode Yes Yes
Analytics & Tracking Yes No
Location Settings Yes Yes
Email Notifications Yes Yes*
Save & Resume Yes Yes*
Post JSON Data to a Website Yes No
Payment Account Yes No
Entry Views Yes Yes
Entry Audit Log Data** No No
Form Permissions Yes No
Actions Yes Yes
Statuses Yes Yes
Roles Yes Yes

*Content and settings of emails are copied, but specific From and To email addresses are cleared.

**The entry audit log includes the user who copied the entry and the date/time it was copied, but no previous activity.

HIPAA-Compliant Organizations

If copying within or to a HIPAA-compliant organization, the following settings are updated as follows:

  • Workflow Link Sharing is turned off.
  • Email Notifications are copied, but Send settings will be set to Never.
  • Save & Resume is turned off.