Copying forms

You can duplicate forms within an organization as well as copy forms from one organization to another.

To copy a form:

  1. If you only have one organization, go to your forms home page. If you have more than one organization, go to the forms home page for the organization where you would like to add the copied form.
  2. Click the New Form button, and select Copy an existing form.
  3. Next, you will be taken to a page that displays all the forms for your selected organization. Find the form you wish to copy and click the corresponding Copy link. You can also preview your form before you copy it to make sure that you have chosen the correct form. To copy a form from a different organization, choose that organization from the navigation list to the right.
  4. Now, the copied form will open in the builder. From here, you can name the form and save it into your account. Be sure to review your form and make any necessary changes before publishing!

Copying a form from another organization.


When you copy a form, the settings that get copied over will differ based on the location the form is copied to:

  • When a form is copied within the same organization, all form settings will be copied verbatim. Be sure to review the form settings, payment settings, and submission settings of your copied form before submitting new entries.
  • When a form is copied into a different organization (this includes forms that are shared as templates), most form settings will be copied over with the exception of:
    • Post to endpoint settings.
    • Send to SharePoint settings.
    • Payment account settings.
    • Entry sharing embed URL.
    • Email notification settings are copied, but the To email address is not.
    • Email confirmations are copied, but the From email address and display name are not.
    • Template sharing is disabled.
  • When a form is copied into a HIPAA-compliant organization:
    • Email notifications are copied, but disabled.
    • Email confirmations are copied, but disabled.
    • Entry sharing settings are copied (except for the embed url), and disabled.
    • Post to endpoint setting are copied, but disabled.
    • Save and resume settings are copied, but disabled.
    • Send to SharePoint settings are copied, but disabled.