How do I add a predefined (or preset) table to my form?

Organizations on the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans can add Table fields to their forms. Similar to repeating sections, a Table field is a grid that repeats and expands as needed.

In the Table field settings, you can set the minimum and maximum range for the Number of Items to your desired number of rows (ex: 4).


If a form user tries to add or delete any rows, they will be unable to submit the form until the correct number of rows are displayed.

Additionally, you can set the Default Value for a field within the table to display a static value for each row. For example, the following expression will display a value depending on the item number (Q1 for row 1, Q2 for row 2, etc.):

= if ItemNumber = 1 then "Q1" else if ItemNumber = 2 then "Q2" else if ItemNumber = 3 then "Q3" else if ItemNumber = 4 then "Q4" else null

Finally, make sure to set the Read-Only option to Never.


Now, the first column of the table will display a static value based on the row number:


Learn more about using Table fields in our help guide.