Quick Tip

You must be an Administrator in Stripe to connect your Stripe account to Cognito Forms.

To connect your Stripe account to your form:

  1. Select the Payment option at the top of the Build page, and then select Add Payment Account from the Payment Settings menu.
  2. Select Stripe from the list of payment accounts.
  3. You will be taken over to Stripe’s website. Here, you can either sign in with your existing Stripe account, or sign up for a new Stripe account. If you have a Stripe account, go ahead and sign in using the link in the top right corner.
    • If you do not have a Stripe account, you can go through the sign up process. You will notice that you have some information to fill out; some of this will already be filled in based on your Cognito Forms information. You will want to make sure that your County is correct. You will also have to tell Stripe a little about your business to verify that your business is real.
    • The last thing you will need to do is create the email address and password you will be logging into your Stripe account with. This is up to you and can be different than what you have for your Cognito Account. Once you’re finished, click Authorize access to this account to link your Cognito Forms account to your newly created Stripe account.
  4. You will be directed back to Cognito Forms, where your Stripe account is now connected.