Collecting Payment

Build secure order forms, event registrations, and more in just minutes. Manage every step of the process without ever leaving Cognito Forms. Get details on your transactions, make changes to your orders or even issue refunds in just a few clicks.

Creating your payment form

Choice fields

Assign prices, track quantities, and calculate charges using Choice field options from a drop-down menu, radio buttons or checkboxes.

Using a Choice field to list products with assigned prices.

Yes/No field

Charge customers fees for additional options using the Yes/No field.

Allowing customers to optionally add an extra option.

Currency field

Use the Currency field to allow customers to specify the amount they would like to be charged, such as for donations.

Using a Currency field to collect donations.

Price field

Use the Price field to create calculations that result in a charge, like additional quantities.

Price field

Processing payment

Cognito Forms are processed by PayPal, Stripe, and Square. You will be required to have an account in good standing in order to collect and process payments.

PayPal, Stripe, and Square all offer a highly competitive 2.9% + $0.30 on all transactions in USD. On Stripe, there is an additional 1% charge from Cognito Forms for those on the Individual or Pro plans. These processing fees can be passed on to the individual filling out the form, unless your form’s payment currency does not match the currency of your Stripe account.

Managing entries with payment

All payments can be managed within the Entries page of your Cognito Form. You can see entry details, refund payments, and even collect cash payments without ever leaving Cognito Forms. Any modifications made, such as refunding, will be automatically reflected within the connected payment account, and modifications made within the payment account will be reflected within Cognito Forms. Learn more about managing entries with payment.

Viewing payment entry information.

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