Deactivating payment

There are a number of ways you can deactivate payment on any of your forms.

1. Revoking payment account access

To revoke payment account access:

  1. Enter the Build page for any form connected to your payment account and select the Payment area at the bottom of the form. Or, select the Payment option in the top bar.
  2. Click the name of your connected payment account to make changes.
  3. Select Remove and confirm that you wish to remove the payment account.

In Stripe: To complete the process, visit your Stripe dashboard. Click on your account name in the top right, then select Account Settings. Select Apps after entering your credentials. Find the app called Cognito Forms, and click the grey circle with a white X to follow the steps to remove Cognito Forms from your Stripe account. NOTE: Revoking access to your Stripe account will affect ALL Cognito Forms that collect payment via that Stripe account.

2. Removing a payment account

If you would like to remove your payment account from just one of your forms rather than all of them, you can uncheck the box next to your account name in Payment Accounts. You can find this by clicking on your payment account name under the Payment Settings menu.

Uncheck the box to disconnected a payment account.

3. Deactivating a payment field

If you have multiple payment fields on your form, you will need to edit or delete all of them to completely remove payment. Hint: Just look for fields in the form builder that have a credit card symbol to the right of the label. Any field with this symbol collects payment and will cause the payment block to appear. To remove the payment block, simply uncheck Collect Payment for this Field in the payment field settings. The Price field is designed to always collect payment – you can replace this field with a Calculation - Currency field instead.

A credit card logo appears in the top-right corner of a payment form

4. Deleting a form

The last option would be to delete the form entirely. From your list of forms, you can click the orange trash can button to the right of the name of the form you’d like to delete. You can find your list of forms on your organization’s Dashboard. Please note that deleted forms are completely gone and the associated form and entries cannot be recovered once deleted. Alternatively, you may want to archive the form instead.