How am I billed for integration usage?

In preparation for our upcoming API, we’re changing the way we bill for integration usage. Starting August 1, we will begin charging organizations based on the number of API requests. Each plan level will include the following number of requests per month:

  • Pro plan - 2,000/month
  • Team plan - 10,000/month
  • Enterprise plan - 100,000/month

These charges (if applicable) will appear on your organization’s September invoice. If you exceed the number of included monthly requests, you’ll be charged $20 per bucket of 100,000 requests. You can monitor your integration usage on your organization’s settings page.

Please note that large requests (over 100KB) are counted as multiple requests. For example, a 150KB request will count as two requests and a 400KB request will count as 4 requests. For Microsoft Power Automate connections created before April 8, 2024, you can stop sending file data to decrease request sizes.

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