How do I automatically calculate someone's age?

To calculate someone’s age based on their birth date:

  1. Add a Date field to your form labelled Birth Date.

  2. Add a Calculation field labelled Age, set to the Number type with 0 decimal places.
    Calculation field set to the Number type.

  3. Insert one of the following expressions as your calculation:

    • Option 1: Calculate age in years using = DateTime.Today.Year - BirthDate.Year + (if DateTime.Today.Month < BirthDate.Month or (DateTime.Today.Month = BirthDate.Month and DateTime.Today.Day < BirthDate.Day) then -1 else 0)
    • Option 2: Calculate age in months using =DateTime.Today.Year * 12 + DateTime.Today.Month - BirthDate.Year * 12 - BirthDate.Month + (DateTime.Today.Day < BirthDate.Day ? -1 : 0)

Now, when a user selects their date of birth, the calculation field will automatically determine their age.

Calculate someone's age based on a Date field.

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