Calculation field

A Calculation field is used to display read-only values based on a calculation which may include values, from other fields on the form. This feature uses built-in functions to conduct operations against repeating data (date, number, text) to get subtotals or to aggregate data.


The label will display as the title of the field or the question that is being asked on the form. You can select the icon on the right to hide the label on the form. You also can use the pop-up formatting toolbar to insert values from other fields on the form.

Values from protected fields cannot be inserted into the field label.


Choose the type that describes the output of your calculation:

  • Text
  • Yes/No
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Time


Click the lightening bolt icon to open up the advanced calculations editor. For more information about creating a calculation, see Calculations overview.

Help Text

Help text can be used to assist the user by providing additional instructions. Help text will display directly under the field. Use the formatting toolbar to format text, insert hyperlinks and images, and populate values from other fields on the form.

Values from protected fields cannot be inserted into the help text.

Show This Field

By default, fields will always display on the form. However, you may want to hide specific fields or sections based on certain conditions, such as a selected value of another field on the form.

  • Always – Field is always shown.
  • When – Field will only display when specific conditions are met. After selecting this option, the Conditional Logic Builder dialog will display allowing you to select when the field or section should be displayed.
  • For Roles – Field will display only when accessed via a role-based workflow link specific to the role(s) selected.
  • Never – Field will never display.

Limit Quantity

You can set quantity limits and track quantities for your field. Quantity limits are useful for product orders, ticket sales, signups, reservations, and any other scenario for which there’s a limit to the number of times a specific value may be selected.

  • No Duplicates – Limit the quantity allowed to just one. Once your limit is set, you can write a custom error message to display when the limit is exceeded.
  • Specific Quantity – Specify a quantity limit greater than one. This value can be either a constant integer, or an integer calculation.

Custom Error

You can set a custom error message that will display under your field when specified conditions become true. The conditional logic builder will allow you to add any number of rules for validating your field. Learn more about the custom error option.