1. Connect Your Cognito Forms to SharpSpring Using Zapier!

    Using our integration with Zapier, you can easily link your Cognito Forms directly to your SharpSpring account, allowing you to create new accounts, leads, opportunities, and campaigns from your form submissions in Cognito Forms.

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  2. Create a Zendesk Ticket Using Cognito Forms

    With the help of Zapier, you can automatically create new Zendesk tickets from new Cognito Forms entries.

  3. Cognito Forms Now Integrates With 1,000 Other Products!

    Cognito Forms now connects to 1,000 other web tools thanks to our Zapier integration.

  4. Receive Push Notifications with Microsoft Flow!

    You can receive push notifications on your mobile device whenever a new form entry is submitted!

  5. Automate your Business Processes with Microsoft Flow!

    Using Flow, you can connect your Cognito Forms to services like OneDrive, Outlook 365, and Dropbox to automate your business processes and create advanced workflows!

  6. Use Repeating Data to Create Entries in Another Form!

    Using Microsoft Flow, you can build a flow that creates new entries in one form based on the repeating section data in another form.

  7. Connect Your Cognito Forms to Using Zapier!

    Learn how to connect your forms to to instantly create a new project issue whenever an employee submits a help request.

  8. Create Sophisticated Workflows Using Multi-Step Zaps!

    Instead of creating separate Zaps that perform different actions using identical triggers, you can lump together multiple actions to create more efficient and sophisticated workflows!

  9. 4 Easy Steps to Creating a Lead Capture Form!

    As the focal point of your landing page, a lead capture form serves as a way to collect contact information from potential customers.

  10. Keep Your Form Data in Sync with Google Sheets!

    You can also set a trigger to update entry information in programs like Google Sheets whenever you edit your entries.