Cognito Forms is SCA-Ready for Stripe and PayPal Users

Ace E. By Ace E. | September 17, 2019
Quick Tip

You can now also accept SCA-compliant transactions through our Square integration. When setting up your form, make sure to map a Name field to validate the customer in Square – please refer to our help guide to learn more.

Accept SCA-Compliant payments in the EU.

If you’re a Cognito Forms customer in the EU and use Stripe or PayPal to process payments, you’re now able to accept SCA-compliant transactions through your forms.

And there’s nothing you have to do.

Whenever a customer’s bank uses an SCA-compliant 2-factor authentication method, your forms will automatically respond in the correct manner to process the payment.

While individual EU banks will determine their specific authentication methods, you can have confidence your forms will respond seamlessly, enabling users to authenticate themselves and complete their transactions.

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Ace E.

Ace E.

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