How do I prefill form data from another form?

In Cognito Forms, you can prefill form fields from other forms or from other pre-defined content.

To prefill form fields with data entered into a different form:

  1. Open the form with the data you want to use for prefilling.
  2. Go to Submission Settings in the builder.
  3. Under Confirmation Options, select Redirect Url.
  4. Copy the public link of the form you want to prefill and paste it into the source form’s Redirect Url section.
  5. At the end of the Url, insert ?entry= followed by curly brackets, ex:{}
  6. In between the curly brackets, specify the form fields you want to prefill and use the Insert Field option to directly insert the field value tokens into the Url.

To see this and other examples with images, jump to our tutorial.

You can also prefill the choices in dropdowns with data entered into another form using our Lookup Field.