Can I use question piping to create customized follow-up questions on my forms?

Yes! You can use our text piping feature to insert (or “pipe”) answers from a previous question into a later question on your form. For example, if you’re asking a customer about their favorite type of pie, you can insert their answer directly into the label of the next field on the form. To do this:

  1. Add a Choice field to your form labelled ‘Which type of pie do you like the best?’

  2. Add a follow-up Textbox field. In the field settings, use the Insert Field option to insert the answer from the previous Choice field into the field label, ex: ‘Why do you like [WhichTypeOfPieDoYouLikeTheBest] the best?’
    Insert the Choice field value directly into the field label of the follow-up question.

  3. Set the follow-up Textbox field to only appear after the previous Choice field is filled out, ex: =(WhichTypeOfPieDoYouLikeTheBest != null)

  4. Now, when a customer selects their favorite pie, their answer will automatically populate the label of the next field:
    The answer is automatically populated into the follow-up question.

Learn more about using text piping on your forms in our Conditional Logic guide.