Style & Publish

From the Publish page of your form builder, you can share your form in multiple ways:

Embed in your site

Quick Tip

You can use the Seamless or Iframe embed codes to embed multiple forms on the same webpage. We recommend using the same type of embed code for all forms on a single page rather than mixing embed types.

The best way to publish your form is to copy one of the provided embed codes on the Publish page and paste it into your website’s code. This will embed the form into your website so that users will not have to navigate away from your website in order to fill out the form. An embedded form enables you to have a form that looks like it belongs on your website.

Choose between three options for embedding:

  1. The Seamless embed code works well for most websites. Plus, you can use the Chameleon field style to allow the styles of your webpage to apply to the form.
  2. The Iframe embed code provides better compatibility with websites that may have scripting or CSS issues with Cognito Forms.
  3. The AMP embed code provides completely valid AMP markup for mobile pages. Some features (including redirect urls and form prefilling) will not work when embedding your form via the AMP option.
Quick Tip

From the Workflow menu, you can control who has access to public links based on dates, times, or your own custom criteria.

Provide users a direct link to the form. This link can be added as a hyperlink in your website or in an email. The link will send the user to a simple page that contains your form for them to fill out.

If your organization is on the free Individual plan, the link will display Cognito Forms branding at the bottom of the page. To remove this branding, simply upgrade your organization to a Pro, Team or Enterprise plan.

Share on social media

Select one of the social media buttons to create a new social media post. The post will contain a link to your form.