Can I create a product inventory with limited quantities?

Yes! Using our Lookup field and Quantity Limit features, you can create product inventory and limit quantities for specific items.

To create and manage a limited product inventory:

  1. Create an inventory form and populate the form entries with product details using fields like Product Name, Price, Size, Available Quantity, etc.
  2. Create a sales form and add a Lookup field. In the Lookup field settings, find the Lookup Choices From option and select the Inventory form.
  3. Next, find the Limit Quantity option. Set the Quantity Available value to the Starting Quantity field from your inventory. Make sure to include a message to display when the quantity is exceeded (ex: “Out of stock!”).
  4. After setting the quantity available, the Lookup field Choice Description will automatically display the total quantity remaining next to the product name:
    How to create a product inventory with limited quantities.

If the quantity for a product has been exceeded, an error message will display to let the customer know the item is no longer available.

Learn more about managing limited inventories and setting up quantity limits on your forms.