Can I share connected Lookup forms as templates?

Yes! When two or more forms are connected via the Lookup field, you can share those forms together as a bundle.

To share multi-form templates:

  1. Open the All Forms home page of your organization and select the form that contains data lookups.
  2. In the builder, open the Form Settings section and select the Share As Template? option. Here, you can find the Share Link for your form. Additionally, you can check Share entries? to include the associated entry data (such as a product inventory or list of store locations) along with your shared form. Finally, make sure to save your form.
  3. Repeat the steps above with all of the connected lookup forms. You can share up to 20 connected forms with a single template. Once you’ve shared all of the connected forms as templates, you can share a single link to the main form. From this link, users can see your shared forms with the specific form appearing in a preview window.
  4. At this point, users can optionally save the connected forms and associated entry data. When they hit Save, the shared templates are automatically saved into their organization.

Previewing a shared form.

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