Can I accept payments using Apple Pay?

Our integration with Stripe includes support for Apple Pay. Once you connect your Stripe account to your form, Apple Pay will appear as an option in the payment section.

You can turn Apple Pay off and on from your Stripe dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Stripe account and go to Settings.
  2. Under Product settings > Payments, select Payment methods.
  3. Under Select your platform, select Cognito.
  4. Under Wallets, locate Apple Pay and turn the integration off or on.

The Apple Pay option will not display on forms embedded via the Iframe embed option or in any browsers other than Safari. View the full list of countries and regions that support Apple Pay.

If your form is embedded via the Seamless embed option, you’ll need to register your website domain in Stripe in order to use Apple Pay. To register your domain, simply follow steps 1-4 in the above instructions. After you expand the Apple Pay section under Wallets, click the Configure button and select Add new domain. In the dialog that appears, enter your website domain and complete the file verification.

Customers can select Card or Apple Pay in the payment block.

Learn more about collecting online payments in our Collecting Payment guide.