Can I allow customers to optionally include processing fees in their order?

If you’re collecting payment through Stripe, you have the option to pass processing fees onto your customers in your payment settings. If this option is unchecked, the fees will simply be subtracted from the original total. However, you also have the ability to let your customers choose whether to include processing fees in their order or not.

To give customers the choice to add processing fees to their order total:

  1. Add a Choice field labelled ‘Include processing fees?’ (or something similar) with the options Yes and No.
  2. Include a Price field labelled ‘Processing fees’. Set the following equation as the Amount for your field: =(DonationAmount+.3)/(1-.029) - DonationAmount
  3. Lastly, use the Show This Field - When option to only display the processing fee field when a customer selects ‘Yes’: =(IncludeProcessingFees = "Yes")

In the above example, ‘DonationAmount’ is the payment field on the form. Make sure to replace this label with the actual name of your payment field. If your form has multiple payment fields, you’ll need to add all of them up to calculate the order total. (ex: PaymentField1+PaymentField2+PaymentField3)

First, this expression takes the order total (DonationAmount) and adds 30 cents (+.3). Then, it divides that amount by the fee percentage (.029) to generate the order total. Finally, it subtracts the donation amount from that total in order to just display the processing fee. Please note that if you’re collecting Stripe payments on the Individual or Pro plans, you’ll need to include extra 1% fee (.039).

Learn more about setting up payment forms in our Collecting Payment guide.