Can I disable the public form link?

While the direct link to a form is technically a public link, the form itself will not be public as long you do not share that link.

Additionally, you can set up an access code to help ensure that only the right people fill out your form.

To password-protect your form:

  1. Enable Data Encryption in your field settings.
  2. Add a Textbox field set to the Password type at the top of your form and set the field to required.
  3. Find the Custom Error option at the bottom of the Textbox field settings, and select When. In the conditional logic builder, set an error message to display when a user doesn’t type in the correct password (e.g. “Cognito”).
  4. In the second box, write a custom error message (“Invalid Password”).
  5. Add a Page Break below your password field to effectively hide the rest of the form.

When a user doesn’t enter the correct password on the first page, they won’t be able to continue on through the rest of the form.]

How to disable a public form link.

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