Invite Users and Share the Management of Your Forms!

Jamie T. By Jamie T. | April 21, 2015

Up until now, your organization’s forms may have been a lonely place without the ability to allow others to login. To allow groups or businesses to have individual logins for each user or agencies to give their clients’ access to their entries, we just launched the ability to invite users to your organization to help you build your forms and manage your entries. These new user management features are available to organizations on our Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans from your organization’s settings page.

Control what your users can do within your organization

When you invite a user your organization, you will first set their permission level. Permissions range from administrator to read-only access.

Invite User Dialog

  • Owners can manage the organization, plans and billing and can manage users, forms, and entries. Only owners can assign other owners or delete the organization.

  • Administrators can manage users, forms, and entries.

  • Editors can manage form entries but cannot build or publish forms.

  • Reviewers can only view or export form entries but cannot make changes.

  • A user with no permissions can log in, but will only have to access to forms for which they have been given specific permissions.

For a detailed comparison of our permission levels, check out our help topic. Once your user has been invited, all they have to do is look out for the email and accept the invitation.

Give access to specific forms

Instead of giving users access to all the forms in your organization, you can also give access to just specific ones. To do this, invite your user with a global permission of none, and then edit that user and set permissions for specific forms.

User profile

What is an organization?

For those of you who have forgotten or are wondering what an organization is…

When your first sign up for Cognito Forms, you create your first organization. You can have as many organizations as you like, and each organization has their own set of forms. Multiple organizations are a great way to organize your forms and separate forms that are used for different purposes. Please check out our blog post for more detail.

Jamie T.

Jamie T.

Jamie is co-founder of Cognito Forms, an online form builder for organizations seeking to quickly and easily connect with their customers. In his free time, Jamie loves spending time with his wonderful wife and kids, training for triathlons, camping with boy scouts, singing in the choir, and trying out the latest gadgets.