Higher Education Workflows

Our Higher Education Workflow templates provide colleges and universities with pre-built solutions to help streamline complex processes and create a seamless experience for both students and staff.

Higher Education Workflows

Advanced Admissions Application

Our Advanced Admissions Application template streamlines the entire college admissions process, from the student submitting an application to the admissions team coming to a final decision.


Basic Admissions Application

Our Basic Admissions Application template provides colleges with an end-to-end application that serves to streamline the entire admissions process. Similar in premise to our Advanced Admissions Application template, our basic version contains a simpler and more straightforward workflow process with fewer interactions amongst different admissions staff.


Campus Tour Reservation Template

Our Campus Tour Reservation template provides colleges with a prospective student-focused tour reservation form. Within the form, students can sign up for a campus tour, choose to send an additional confirmation email to a parent/guardian, and reschedule or cancel their tour if necessary.


College Orientation Registration Template

Our College Orientation Registration template allows orientation staff and advisors to collect student information in order to plan a needs-specific orientation session.


Scholarship Application Template

Our Scholarship Application Solution template provides colleges with a one-stop shop for their scholarship needs. This template includes a workflow which allows both students and scholarship committees to efficiently interact with the application, reducing the need for outside communications and streamlining the entire process.


Connected Lookup Forms

College Program Lookup Form

This university program lookup template helps you quickly and easily adjust the available programs for students to select within their admissions application, scholarship application, campus tour reservation, and orientation registration.

This lookup form is simple in structure. There are three fields: program category, level of degree, and specific program name. Program category is a way to easily categorize your programs offered by type. You can easily change this to be your specific school’s name within the university or adjust the names of each category.

In short, you’ll create a separate entry in this form for each specific program you offer. You’ll want to be sure to indicate the category and level of degree, so your programs are able to be filtered by this information.

Scholarships Lookup Form

This scholarships lookup template helps you quickly and easily adjust the current available scholarships for staff to choose from when awarding students a scholarship.

This lookup form is simple in structure. There are three fields: scholarship name, amount, and scholarship type. The scholarship name and amount will be typed in while you can select the type of scholarship from the choice field. You can adjust the “types” listed in the choice field prior to entering the information for each scholarship.

Once it’s set up to include all the fields you deem necessary, you will then create a separate entry in this form for each specific scholarship you offer. The scholarships you enter on this form will then automatically populate into the Scholarship Application Template form.

Orientation Dates Lookup Form

This lookup template connects to your orientation registration form and helps you more efficiently add your orientation sessions each semester.

There are multiple fields on this lookup, but they all connect to one another for each individual orientation session. Semester, year, month, day, time, method of orientation, and attendee limit are all required for each individual session. Having this much information for each session will help you more easily set the available sessions on your registration form each semester. There is also a Calculation field that turns this information into a Date field. This field is not anything you’ll need to adjust or interact with at all and just helps the registration form set to closed after the date of the session.

To get this lookup form ready for you, you’ll need to:

  • Adjust the time choices in the Time choice field.
  • If you only offer one method of orientation attendance, you can remove “Method of Orientation” field.
  • If all your orientation sessions have the same attendee limit, you can set a default value prior to creating your entries. This will keep you from needing to fill out this field for every entry.

In short, you’ll create a separate entry in this form for each individual session you offer. You’ll want to be sure to give information in each field, so your sessions are able to be filtered by this information.

Tips for Using These Templates