Local Non-Profit Enlists Cognito Forms to Help Facilitate Community Engagement

Haley N. By Haley N. | May 13, 2022

Engaging your community to get involved in charitable opportunities takes hard work and dedication.

It takes a team, like the team at United Way of the Midlands, to do this important work.

United Way of the Midlands is a non-profit in Columbia, SC that provides necessary resources to connect and engage in volunteer opportunities across six counties in the Midland area (where the Cognito Forms’ home office is located!).


They take on this vital role by filling the gaps between government services and smaller, niche non-profits. And they’re hoping to create generational change by continuing to provide solutions throughout the community.

“The problems that every community faces are a little bit different, so the needs are different. And every United Way does things a little bit differently to meet those needs,” says Joey Wallace, VP of Marketing and Communications.

Meeting technical challenges head-on

Don Wilkie, VP of Data Analytics and Technology, started incorporating Cognito Forms into United Way’s tech stack about four years ago.

“It started out as an internal process,” says Wilkie. “And then we realized that it had more capabilities and could do a lot more than what we were using other form builders for.”

It started out as an internal process. And then we realized that it had more capabilities and could do a lot more than what we were using other form builders for.

Don Wilkie, United Way of the Midlands

The Midlands Reading Consortium (MRC) is one of the many programs they facilitate and manage through online forms. MRC is a volunteer tutoring initiative targeting pre-kindergarten through second-grade students that aren’t reading on grade level.

And by incorporating online forms, they’re able to track MRC’s enrollment, orientation, student rubrics, and help organize all associated events.

Connecting online forms with volunteerism

United Way of the Midlands also uses online forms to facilitate volunteer events, training, fundraising, and much more. And they’re able to connect the data they collect with their database to track event attendance, applications, and reporting by using integrations that flow between Cognito Forms and their CRM.

“The flows get the job done,” says Wilkie.

For example, one of the biggest annual philanthropic events they facilitate is called Power of the Purse, a silent auction of one-of-a-kind designer handbags benefitting women and children’s causes in the Midlands.

With an average attendance record of over 500 people, Cognito Forms comes into play to help track and integrate event registration and sponsorship applications.


“We have big events like that, down to smaller volunteer opportunities, happy hour, networking and social events, panel discussions – and the list goes on,” says Wallace.

Bringing the community together

As United Way of the Midlands continues to explore the features possible with Cognito Forms, they’re finding continued success to keep members and volunteers engaged at all levels.

And they continue to promote stability, enhance education, provide healthcare, and address community improvement efficiently throughout the Midlands.

To learn more about United Way of the Midlands and get involved, please visit their website for all opportunities.

Haley N.

Haley N.

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