Save & Resume

This feature is available to organizations on the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.
Save & Resume

Save & Resume allows people to save their progress and complete their form entry at a later date. Once Save & Resume is enabled, a Save button will appear at the bottom of your form. Clicking the Save button will save your progress and allow your to either copy or email a personalized link to your in-progress entry. If someone follows their saved link and returns to their entry within the allotted time frame, they can pick up where they left off and complete their submission.

If your form is embedded, the link to return to your form will take the user back to your site. Form entries that have been saved (but not submitted) will appear with a status of Incomplete.

Enable Save & Resume

Save & Resume settings

To enable Save & Resume:

  1. Click the Submission Settings button at the bottom of the Build page.
  2. Click the On/Off toggle for Save & Resume in the left-hand Submission Settings pane to turn the feature on.
  3. Decide if you would like for the partially completed entry to expire after a certain period of time. By default, the entry doesn’t expire. To set an expiration:
    • Choose the After option.
    • Select a time frame for expiration. The time frame defaults to 7 Days, but can be changed to 1 Day, 4 Days, 14 Days, 21 Days, or 28 Days.

Email Notifications

Email notification settings Next, check the Email Notification’s settings by clicking on the notification’s details.

  • From – The name and email address the email will appear to be from. This will also be the email that will receive replies to this message.
  • To – Select the label of any Email field on your form. When someone enters their email address, the form will capture it to be used as the To address when the user saves their entry.
  • Subject – Create the subject line for your form’s notification email. Use the Insert Field option to pull data from a form entry into the subject line, such as Name or Date.
  • Message – Enter a custom message that will appear in their notification email. Insert images, links or use the Insert Field option to pull data from your form’s entries.
  • Include? – Optionally include your form’s logo, or your organization and form name in the email. You can upload a logo to your form using the Style Editor.

Now, if someone chooses to email the link to themselves, they’ll see this:

Email with link to resume form.

Saved entries

Once Save & Resume has been enabled on your form, you can view the entries that people have saved but not yet been submitted. These entries will appear with a status of Incomplete. Learn more about entry status.

Saved Entries