Save & Resume

Save & Resume allows form users to save their progress and finish an incomplete entry at a later date. When enabled, a user will be provided a link to their in-progress entry upon saving their form. They can return to this link as many times as needed to complete their entry within a timeframe of your choosing (or until the entry status is no longer Incomplete).

Upon saving, form users will have the choice between copying the link directly or emailing it to themselves. Once a user saves their form for the first time, you can review the entry audit log to see when it was saved, along with all subsequent saves at least one hour apart.

This feature is available to organizations on the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Enabling Save & Resume

Quick Tip

The authentication settings for public links also apply to Save & Resume links. Learn more about Authenticated Forms.


To enable Save & Resume:

  1. Open the Workflow menu at the top of your form’s Build page.
  2. Toggle Save & Resume to On. Once toggled, a Save button will be added to the bottom of your form.
  3. Choose between two expiration options:
    • The Save & Resume link should Never expire (until the entry status is no longer Incomplete).
    • The Save & Resume link should expire After a select amount of days (up to 28 days from the initial save time) or until the entry status is no longer Incomplete.
  4. Customize the Not Available Message that displays when the Save & Resume link is no longer valid. Use the formatting toolbar to insert hyperlinks/images and change the formatting of selected text. Please note that values from protected fields cannot be inserted into the Not Available Message.
  5. Check the box next to Send resume links to embedded forms if you have an embedded form and you’d like to send people back to your website.

Save & Resume Email

The email notification under Save & Resume settings is where you’ll customize the email that sends a Save & Resume link.


In the top field, input the display name you’d like the email to be from. In the bottom field, input the email address you’d like the email to be sent from. Click into a field to use the Insert Field option to populate a value from your form if you’d like.

You have two options when it comes to the form user’s email address. You can leave this field blank for the form user to input an email address of their choosing. Or, you can use the Insert Field option to populate an email address from an email field that already exists on your form.

Create a subject line for your email. You can click into the Subject field to open the Insert Field option to populate data from the form’s entry if preferred.

Input the message for your email here. Click into the Message field to access formatting options, include images or links, or to include entry data using the Insert Field option.

Check the box next to Org & Form Name to include your organization and form name within the email.

If someone chooses to send a Save & Resume link to themselves, here’s an example of what they’ll see:

Email with link to resume form.

As a form builder, you can manually send a form user a Save & Resume link from the Entries page as needed. A Save & Resume link will always take on a Public role.

Share Entry dialog.

To manually send a Save & Resume link from the Entries page:

  1. Click the Incomplete entry you’d like to send a Save & Resume link for.
  2. Click Share button at the top of the entry view.
  3. Open the Link Type dropdown field and select Save & Resume.
  4. Determine who you would like to share the Save & Resume link with:
    • Select Specific Person to input one or more email addresses to send the link to. Once inputted, click Share to send the email. (Hint: Separate multiple email addresses by a semi-colon.)
    • To copy the Save & Resume link, select Anyone With Link. Click Copy to copy the link and paste it as needed.
  5. If you’d like the link to expire after a certain time, select the number of days in the Expire field.