Logic & Automation

Create ROI by putting your forms to work.

Create a measurable impact on your business by moving office work online and streamlining tasks for your employees. Simply let your forms do the administrative work for you. Easily automate document generation, approval workflows and other tasks. Add features to make your user input more accurate and efficient.

And do it all yourself, without writing a single line of code.

Create responsive, conversational forms

Integrate text-piping for engaging forms that increase your completion rate. Use conditional logic to hide and show questions, adjust content and personalize the user experience.

Empower your data through controls and connectivity

Perform calculations and include expressions directly in your forms, so you don’t have to modify data later. And use our connectivity tools to manage inventory, and connect the data of related forms.

Increase workplace efficiency

Automate entire document-generation workflows, from information gathering to final document approval and delivery. Automatically generate documents using form data. Utilize conditional and customizable notifications to alert staff members when forms are submitted or steps are completed.


Use our visual tools and intuitive expressions to immediately perform mathematical calculations, set limits and more.

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Conditional Logic

Hide and reveal fields, pipe text and perform other actions based on user input – without writing code.

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Quantity Limits

Easily manage product inventories, event registrations, or purchases per customer by setting availability limits.

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Lookup Field

Draw data from one form’s entries to use in another form. Use these connections to more efficiently manage frequently used lists and changing data.

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Use conditional notification emails to inform appropriate staff when forms are submitted. Route sales leads, create simple workflows and more.

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Document Generation

Automate your estimates, contracts and other documents. Instantly create custom Word or PDF files when form data is submitted.

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