Conditional Logic

Take each of your users on a unique path through your forms with conditional logic.

Automate actions with our visual logic builder.

Conditional logic makes viewing your form an easier, more intuitive task for your users. Whether you want to show or hide certain fields and pages, allow your users to pay when they want, send emails to people at specific times, or conditionally require a field, there are endless possibilities to make your form look better and flow more efficiently.

Show and hide fields or sections

Sometimes a yes or no question needs additional information. Automatically display a field that asks for more details when the answer calls for it. This way, you can collect as much data from as many fields and sections as you need – without the extra clutter.

Show pages on multi-page forms

When your form has a lot of pages, you don’t want to confuse your users by showing them pages they may not need. Usually that would mean you’d need to build a separate form, which takes too much time and separates related data. With conditional page branching, you can send each of your users on a completely different path depending on what they answer. Find out more about multi-page forms.

Send notification emails

Control who gets notified and when with email routing. For example, set notification emails for a contact form to send to different people depending on the department the user selects. Or, send a confirmation email to update your users when their submission has been approved. You can create unlimited customized notifications and confirmations to notify your users when the time is right.

Conditional Email Routing

Require payment

Require payment now or later

Determine the circumstances in which your customers are required to pay. If you want to give your customers the option to pay now or later, simply add a choice field with conditional logic. When they select Pay Now, the payment will become required. When they select Pay Later, they can just submit their order without payment.

Require fields

Set your fields as always, never, or sometimes required under specific conditions to make sure you get your data when you need it. For example, when a user specifies that they would like to pick up their delivery, create a phone field so you can notify them when their order is ready – and the field is only required and appears when they choose Delivery.

Conditionally require fields

Conditional logic

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