Rating Scales

Give your customers an outlet for feedback right on your forms with customizable rating scales.

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We’re sure all of your customers are “very satisfied” with your product or service—but just to be sure, you might ask for feedback through a survey or questionnaire. With rating scales (aka Likert scales), customers can score you on a number of options, ranking your product or service on a scale that you can customize.

It’s also easy to use rating scales to gauge interest in a topic or idea. Would your customers be excited to see your product in new colors or are they satisfied with the current options? You’ll never know until you ask.

Pre-built Scales

We’ve made it easy to get started with some common rating scales already built for you: Satisfied/Unsatisfied, Agree/Disagree, Will/Won’t, Good/Poor and Scale of 1 to 5.

Customizable Scales

Create your own scale with unlimited options to fit any need.

Rating scales

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