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Track form history with the entry audit log.

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Audit logs (also known as audit trails) play an essential role in the operation of any business or organization. In Cognito Forms, every entry you collect contains an audit log that records who performed an action on the entry and when it occurred.

Your organization can access audit data as far back as: 1 week (Individual plan), 1 month (Pro plan), 6 months (Team plan), or 2 years (Enterprise plan).

Audit form activity

Along with viewing a chronological timeline of changes to an entry, the activity log enables you to:

  • See who performed an action on the entry and when it occurred
  • Track payment history and verify that emails are sent
  • Ensure that data integrations stay in sync with your form

Manage users and boost security

Take control of your organization’s security with the ability to see which Cognito Forms users made changes to an entry and when. This extra layer of transparency helps you manage risk and prove compliance with industry regulations like HIPAA.

How to view complete history of changes to each form submission, including workflow actions, email delivery status, and payments

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