Card on File

Securely store customer credit and debit cards for future use – while staying PCI compliant.

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The first step in creating a great customer experience is making yourself easy to do business with. Our Card on File feature can help with that – eliminating the need to repeatedly ask customers for the same credit card information.

How it works

Your customers only need to enter their credit card information once. You can then authorize charges by storing the card in Stripe’s or Square’s secure and PCI-compliant environment for later use.

Use Card on File to simplify recurring payments, subscriptions, installments, or any time when you don’t know what the final charges will be.

It’s that easy.

Why store card information?


Take deposits on special events. Then save the card to run the balance later.


Process copays and other charges automatically for a better patient experience.


Secure guest reservations, then process the total amount at checkout.

Travel agents

Accept deposits during consultation, then run the balance when plans are final.

Easy templates

No need to start from scratch. Just grab one of our templates and make it your own.

Compliant security

Since card data is only stored at the processor, your business stays PCI compliant, and your customers’ data remains secure.

Card on File overview

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