Notify the right people at the right time with custom email notifications and confirmations.

Automatically send and receive emails when forms are completed.

Create custom email notifications to share with your customers and staff after new entries are submitted. Personalize these emails by editing the subject, writing the message, and including options like entry details, payment information, uploaded files, and document copies of entries.

Email notifications are available on every plan level, from free and above. Additionally, Cognito Forms offers several advanced options for organizations on our Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans:

Include any files that your users uploaded to their form as attachments in the email notification, as well as attach a PDF file or Word document copy of their submitted entry. Plus, include a sharing link that allows users to either view or edit their submitted form.

Create multiple notifications

Create multiple email notifications

You can design as many different versions of your email notifications and confirmations as you want. And, by using conditional logic, these emails can be sent to specific people depending on what your users select.

For example, if your customers have a choice between the Sales and Support departments, you can set up two emails that go to two different addresses depending on which department they choose.

Send emails whenever

Conditionally send notifications

In addition to sending emails automatically after form submission, you can also send emails at a later time depending on specific circumstances. For example, you can add an internal Yes/No field to your form called “Approved”, and then set the notification to send only after a staff member has selected “Yes” and saved the entry.

Along with our entry sharing feature, this ability can enable a deeper level of automated workflow for your organization. Additionally, you can open an individual entry to resend a notification or confirmation email at any time.

Use your own email address

Cognito Forms customers on our Team plan and above can verify their email domains for use with our system. This enables you to create notification, confirmation and other system emails using your email address. While the emails are still delivered using secure Cognito Forms servers, they’ll appear to recipients as though they came directly from you.

This helps provide a seamless experience for your customers and coworkers. All they’ll ever see is your form, your brand, and your email address — making the Cognito Forms system completely invisible.

Email notifications

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