Style Customization

Customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more to build forms that make a statement.

Create more beautiful forms.

You’ve built the perfect form, and you’re ready to send it out to your customers. But wait—you don’t like that font. And all that black and white maybe isn’t your style. But don’t despair—you can show plenty of personality with Cognito Forms.

Style your forms

With a plethora of font types and colors to choose from, you can make your form look exactly the way you pictured in your head.

Set unique attributes for different form elements (including Headings, Labels, Text, Links, and Buttons), change the style of your fields, and set unique backgrounds colors and images.

It’s as simple as it sounds—upload your organization’s logo at the top of your form. You can even format the logo and form title within the header, as well as hide the header completely when the form is embedded onto your website.

Apply advanced styling

Our simple copy-and-paste embed process gets you up and running in just minutes. If you have an embedded form and want even more customization, you can apply form styles in your website’s style sheet. Learn more about styling forms with CSS.

Customizing form styles

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