Authenticated Forms

Control who has access to your forms.

Try this and all our security features.

With authentication enabled, users must sign in with their username and password before filling out a form. This security tool ensures that you’re engaging the right people in every step of your workflow.

Once you invite a user, all they have to do is look out for the email and accept the invitation. Organizations on the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans can add additional users.

Prevent unauthorized form access

Configure authentication settings to ensure the identity of workflow participants and control when the form is available based on your own custom conditions.


  • Public links – The public link provides users a direct link to the form. Control access to public links based on date, time, or your own custom criteria.
  • Save & Resume links – Save & Resume links allow form users to access their in-progress forms. The authentication settings for public links also apply to Save & Resume links.
  • Workflow links – Sent via email, role-based workflow links display the right data to the right people in your workflow. Restrict form access to just members of your organization or even specific roles in your workflow.

Create a seamless experience for form users

When organization members are signed in, you can reference details like their name and email to automatically populate form fields. Or, create an even more personalized experience using the Lookup field to insert additional user information (such as job title, department, and more).


Learn more about creating Authenticated Forms

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