Use your email address for notifications

One of the simplest and most used features of our platform is the ability to send form data to the appropriate person the moment it’s received. You just put the address in the notification email address bar and you’re all set. They’ll receive a notification from any time you receive a new entry.

But now users on our Team plan and above can elevate and personalize that experience – using a verified email domain.

What is a verified email domain?

When you verify your email domain with Cognito Forms, you can use your own email address when sending out notifications, confirmations and other system emails.

Rather than receiving an email from Cognito Forms, your recipients will see the email coming from you. This gives you greater control of their experience and makes Cognito Forms invisible to your end users.

Do the emails actually come from our email servers?

The emails generated by your Cognito Forms account will still be sent from Cognito Forms servers.

When you verify your email domain and designate it as the “sender” of your notification emails, however, this will authorize Cognito Forms to send these emails on behalf of your domain. They’ll carry your organization’s name and reply address, but will actually be sent from the same secure servers as always.

How do I set up a verified email domain?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up a verified email domain for your emails. You can verify up to two domains for your organization.

You’ll also need access to your DNS servers in order to complete the process. If you don’t have access, just contact your system administrator and get his or her help completing the setup. Everything you need to send to them is included in the instructions.

You can then use these addresses in notification emails and confirmation emails, as well as view-link emails and edit-link emails.

Learn more about confirmation emails and notification emails.

Ace E.

Ace E.

Ace is the Marketing Communications Manager for Cognito Forms. When not at the office, you can find him volunteering with the American Advertising Federation (and soon on stage with his band: the Cottontown Soul Society).