Create Custom Email Confirmations and Notifications with Your Cognito Forms

By Rita F. | January 12, 2015

You’ve been asking lately for a way to send confirmation messages to your users via email, and we’ve listened! Over the New Year holiday, we released our brand new Submission Settings, which includes custom email confirmations and the email notifications you were already using.

Our email notifications, which are internal emails sent back to you when someone fills out your form, were already available to all of our users through your Form Settings. Now, they’ve gotten a few upgrades and been moved into our new Submission Settings.

Email confirmations are emails that are sent to the people who actually fill out your form, letting them know that you’ve received their entry. Previously, these were only available to our paid users, but now we’ve added this as another free feature for all Cognito Forms users.

Here are a few of the things you can do with our email notifications and confirmations:

  • Customize the “From” address.
  • Use the “Insert Field” option in subject lines or messages to insert form data and create personalized emails for your users.
  • Include the entire form’s entry details.
  • Include payment receipts.
  • Include share links that allow users to view or edit their entries after they’ve already been submitted.
  • Attach any uploaded files to the email notification.
  • Attach a Pdf or Word copy of the submitted entry to the email notification.

You can send as many email confirmations or notifications as you want – remember, Cognito Forms and all of its features are free and unlimited for everyone, and you can even collect payments and donations without any monthly fees.

Check out your new Submissions Settings in your form builder, or get started with a new account today!



Rita is the marketing director for Cognito Forms. She brings more than 8 years of experience in marketing and is probably the team's most talkative member. An avid Gamecock fan and not-so-closet nerd, she loves spending time with her husband and their dog, Sirius.