Basic or advanced, we have all the features you need to quickly create powerful online forms.

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Securely store customer credit and debit cards for future use—while staying PCI compliant.
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  • Calculations

    Let your forms do the math for you—build powerful calculations that can total costs, compare dates and so much more.

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  • Conditional Logic

    Control what fields your users see and when they see them with our easy-to-use conditional logic builder.

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  • Data Encryption

    Keep your form data safe and sound when you enable entry data encryption and protect fields that contain sensitive information.

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  • Electronic Signatures

    Go paperless and collect signatures on every form and on any device.

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  • Entry Sharing

    Give your users the ability to update their entries even after they’ve already been submitted.

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  • File Uploads

    Capturing multiple files at once, setting file size and type limits—it all comes free with every single Cognito Forms account.

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  • Multi-Page Forms

    Get more responses to your complex surveys and long forms with page breaks, progress bars and conditional pages.

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  • Payment

    Accept secure credit card payments with PayPal, Stripe or Square. Create payment forms, order forms or collect donations.

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