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Easily organize, manage and report your data using our intuitive Entry Views.

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We love data. It’s what we do. So we want the data you collect to be as useful as possible.

That’s why we took a unique and integrated approach to data reporting—using our Entry Views functionality.

Using Reporting Tools

Entry views as reporting tools

Entry views enable you to display information from your entries using live data in real time.

Easily filter and sort your data to display the categories you’d like to include in each report. As you collect new entries, your data will automatically update.

Starting with our Pro plan, you can create multiple entry views. Then give each report its own name, and save it to use over and over.

Create charts and visualize your data

Simply export your form data to Excel to create pie charts, bar graphs or any other data presentation formats you like. There’s no need to learn any new software, just use the tools you already know.

Entry views as automation tools

You can also use entry views to create work queues, easily manage and process entries, manually or automatically change entry status or filter by entry/payment status. You’re in control of your data at every step.

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