Override default text values

With Cognito Forms, you can easily change the default text and language used on your forms. Many text changes can be done very quickly using the visual builder. For example, you can set custom error messages, or write your own placeholder text for most field types.

You can also select from these languages to use as the preferred language on your forms. Simply change the language default in your organization settings.

Of course, you may still want to change individual words or use a language that’s not on our list. You can do that manually on your embedded form – learn how to override text on the Seamless and Iframe embed codes.



Resource Text
payment Payment
payment-subtotal Subtotal
payment-amount-due Amount Due
credit-card-required Credit Card is required.
credit-card-invalid Card is invalid.
payment-declined Payment Declined
card-on-file-agreement I agree to save my card for future transactions.
credit-card-authorization Card Authorization
order-transaction-details-header Transaction Details
order-billing-info-header Billing Info
order-balance-due-label Balance Due
order-total-label Order Total
order-number-label Number
order-date-label Date
order-method-label Method
order-amount-paid Amount Paid

Save & Resume

Resource Text
save-and-resume-copy-link-label Copy your form link:
save-and-resume-email-label Email me my link:
save-and-resume-email-sent-message The email has been sent.
save-button-text Save
send-button-text Send
save-and-resume-message Your progress has been saved.
dialog-close Close

Choice fields

Resource Text
field-choice-other-fill-in Other
field-choice-no-match No matching options
field-spinner-decrease Decrease
field-spinner-increase Increase

Repeating sections

Resource Text
field-repeatingsection-add-link-text Add
field-repeatingsection-remove-link-text Remove

Date picker

Resource Text
field-datepicker-next-year Next Year
field-datepicker-clear Clear
field-datepicker-prev-month Previous Month
field-datepicker-now Now
field-datepicker-prev-year Previous Year
field-datepicker-next-month Next Month

Name field

Resource Text
name-prefix Title
name-first First
name-middle Middle
name-middleinitial MI
name-last Last
name-suffix Suffix
required-name-first-and-last First and Last are required.
required-name-first First is required.
required-name-last Last is required.

Address field

Resource Text
address-line1 Address Line 1
address-line2 Address Line 2
address-city City
address-state State
address-country Country
address-zip-code Zip Code
address-postalcode Postal / Zip Code
address-state-province-region State / Province / Region
united-states United States
address-zip-code-invalid Zip Code must be formatted as #####-####.

File Upload field

Resource Text
fileupload-upload-inprogress-message File upload in progress.
fileupload-excluded-file-type-message Files of this type may not be uploaded.
fileupload-invalid-file-type-message Only {allowedTypes} files may be uploaded.
fileupload-max-file-count-exceeded-message Only {maxFileCount} files may be uploaded.
fileupload-zero-byte-file-message Zero byte files may not be uploaded.
fileupload-max-size-exceeded-message Only files smaller than {maxSize} MB may be uploaded.
fileupload-failed-upload-message {fileName} failed to upload.
fileupload-desc-progress-message Uploading {progress}
fileupload-default-upload-button-text Upload
fileupload-dropzone-message or drag files here.
fileupload-download-text Download

Signature fields

Resource Text
signature-draw draw
signature-type type

Validation messages

Resource Text
allowed-values {property} is not in the list of allowed values.
compare-after {property} must be after {compareSource}.
compare-before {property} must be before {compareSource}.
compare-equal {property} must be the same as {compareSource}.
compare-greater-than {property} must be greater than {compareSource}.
compare-greater-than-or-equal {property} must be greater than or equal to {compareSource}.
compare-less-than {property} must be less than {compareSource}.
compare-less-than-or-equal {property} must be less than or equal to {compareSource}.
compare-not-equal {property} must be different from {compareSource}.
compare-on-or-after {property} must be on or after {compareSource}.
compare-on-or-before {property} must be on or before {compareSource}.
listlength-at-least Please specify at least {min} {property}.
listlength-at-most Please specify no more than {max} {property}.
listlength-between Please specify between {min} and {max} {property}.
range-at-least {property} must be at least {min}.
range-at-most {property} must be at most {max}.
range-between {property} must be between {min} and {max}.
range-on-or-after {property} must be on or after {min}.
range-on-or-before {property} must be on or before {max}.
required {property} is required.
required-asterisk required
required-if-after {property} is required when {compareSource} is after {compareValue}.
required-if-before {property} is required when {compareSource} is before {compareValue}.
required-if-equal {property} is required when {compareSource} is {compareValue}.
required-if-exists {property} is required when {compareSource} is specified.
required-if-greater-than {property} is required when {compareSource} is greater than {compareValue}.
required-if-greater-than-or-equal {property} is required when {compareSource} is greater than or equal to {compareValue}.
required-if-less-than {property} is required when {compareSource} is less than {compareValue}.
required-if-less-than-or-equal {property} is required when {compareSource} is less than or equal to {compareValue}.
required-if-not-equal {property} is required when {compareSource} is not {compareValue}.
required-if-not-exists {property} is required when {compareSource} is not specified.
required-if-on-or-after {property} is required when {compareSource} is on or after {compareValue}.
required-if-on-or-before {property} is required when {compareSource} is on or before {compareValue}.
string-format {property} must be formatted as {formatDescription}.
string-format-numeric {property} must only contain numbers.
string-format-alphabetic {property} must only contain letters.
string-format-alphanumeric {property} must only contain letters and numbers.
string-length-at-least {property} must be at least {min} characters.
string-length-at-most {property} must be at most {max} characters.
string-length-between {property} must be between {min} and {max} characters.
format-with-description {property} must be formatted as {description}.
format-without-description {property} is not properly formatted.
quantity-limit {property} quantity exceeded.
required-value {property} must be {value}.
this-and-that {0} and {1}
this-comma-that {0}, {1}
required-one {0} is required.
required-many {0} are required.